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Cottonwood AZ

Cottonwood is where everybody in all of the nearby towns go to shop. Kidding – that’s just what the Jerome residents say.

Cottonwood is lovely! With a population of 12,000 plus the bedroom subdivision of 12,000 in the Verde Villages, Cottonwood is the biggest town besides Prescott or Flagstaff, both of which are an hour away. Cottonwood has the hospital, lots of wonderful dining, and my favorite – Old Town Cottonwood! Cottonwood has the Big Box grocery stores and Wal-Mart, but ignore them and go to Old Town! Walk the Jail Trail, wander Dead Horse State Park. (Yes – it is named Dead Horse. I know the story from the horse’s mouth, no pun intended. Remember to ask me.) If you can’t stand the road to Jerome and don’t want to afford Clarkdale, a place in Cottonwood or the Verde Villages will be perfect!

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