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I’m Carol Anne Teague, and I want your business.

Now, if I were looking for a REALTOR® in Jerome and the Verde Valley and I read those words, I would think “Well, yeah. Of course you want my business. But what’s in it for me? Why should I hire Carol Anne to represent me, as opposed to the other hundreds of agents available?”

Good question! I’m so glad that you asked!
Even though this page is entitled “About Me,” my real estate broker’s license is not about me. It’s about you, my client. It’s about getting your needs met (at least as far as real estate is concerned). It’s about being heard, it’s about respect, and it’s ultimately about getting to the goal as quickly, honestly, and as painlessly as possible.

What do I have to offer you that many agents don’t? Why would I hire me?

Experience. I’ve been a licensed real estate broker in the Verde Valley for over 34 years. I’ve completed thousands of real estate deals. I know what I’m doing, and I’m very good at it.

Motivation. I have 2 motivations when I work with you:

  • I love to make things come together. I love seeing people getting what they want. I love my job.
  • Real estate is how I make my living. I don’t have a second income – real estate is how I put food on the table and keep a roof over me and my dog’s head.

Education. I am no longer a real estate salesperson, Unlike most of the names that you see when you search “Real estate” in Jerome and surrounding areas, I got my a real estate Broker’s license way back in 1996. I got my real estate salesperson’s licence in ‘1986. I’ve been around a long time.

You may have noticed the alphabet soup after my name, all of those high-falutin’ initials and designations and certifications. What do they mean? I will happily give you a run-down if you ask because they are pretty impressive – I am unaware of any other REALTOR® who has the same combination of education and experience as I do. Basically, those letters mean that I constantly educate myself in order to do the best job possible for you.
I completed rCRMS, which means Certified Risk Management Specialist. rCRMS is not about managing my risk, it’s about managing your risk. With the the plethora of lawyers and lawsuits in real estate today, if you’re talking to someone who hasn’t learned how to protect you then you should be talking to me.
I just completed the “Train The Trainer” certification for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion because everybody getting to have a home is my passion.

I volunteer for the Arizona Association of Realtors® as one of their go-to mediators (Mediation is the best! It’s my favorite.), I sit on panels to decide disputes for AAR®’s Professional Standards Committee, and am now one of AAR®’s Professional Standards Chairmen.
I teach the National Association of Realtors® Code of Ethics, plus Fair Housing and Diversity to our Realtors®. Why? Because it’s important. It’s also a blast!

Extras. As you can see, I care a lot about my profession, which means that I care about you. I’m passionate about getting the job done and getting it done well. I define “the job” as taking care of my client and their best interests. I believe in Karma, I believe in the Golden Rule. I’ve observed that what you get back is what you put in.

So at this point my web guru friend says to me “Carol Anne. This is all well and good and humble, but people need to know who it is that they’re entrusting with one the most important purchases of their lives. Why should they hire Carol Anne as their real estate agent? Give them a handle on who you are and what you stand for!”

Sigh. OK.

I live in my own sweet little house high up on the hill in Jerome.

I gave up parking conveniently for the most amazing view and 35 steps up to my house.

I’m 63, Pisces, born and raised just over the mountain in Prescott. I come from a long line of cowboys and cops. I lived forever in Cottonwood and Clarkdale and on a ranch on Beaver Creek (with a brief detour to Arkansas that seems like nothing but a bad dream), and now live in one of the homes perched up on the hill in Jerome, AZ. I have always adored Jerome, and am SO glad that I decided to cross “living in Jerome” off of my bucket list. I am happy and blessed and want you to feel the same way.

I’m a little different. OK – I’m a lot different. If you have a mental picture of “Jerome real estate agent” that looks like June Cleaver maybe with glasses, you’re going to be surprised when you expect her and you get me. I wear jeans. I drive a 4-wheel drive Bronco because I often appreciate 4-wheel drive in the places that being a real estate broker takes me. (In the beginning of my real estate career I got stuck in the mud while showing property. People in the car. Me in high heels. Never again!)
Don’t worry – the Bronco’s name is Yoshi and she’s got a great back seat for when you want to look at property. You’ll be comfortable.

I was elected (by a serious landslide, I’m proud to add!) to the Mingus Union High School Governing Board for 2019 through 2022. They elected me President of the Board for 2020, and re-elected me as President for 2021 and 2022. I ran because I care about our community, and our community starts with our kids. MUHS School Board is a purely volunteer position – it broke my heart after I was elected when a previous client said “Oh! I didn’t call you because you got that new job at the High School.” Please don’t do that.

I am also a Simply Woman Accredited Empowerment Coach. I have no thoughts about quitting real estate to be a life coach. I wanted the grueling 5-year course to learn even more tools to help my clients, and it does help. I try to never stop learning.

I spent 7 years as a TIP (Trauma Intervention Programs) volunteer. TIP is called by the first responders to go to the scene of a crime or an accident or death to be with the survivors. After having children and grandchildren, TIP is the most important thing I’ve ever done.

Before I became a REALTOR® I made my living in lots of different ways: I got paid for breaking and training Arabians and quarterhorses. I owned and ran a chicken ranch – raising 50,000 chickens at a time for Banquet. (I’ve been a vegetarian ever since because of it.) I waited tables at a now out of business restaurant called The Chat And Chew (out of business – go figure, right?). I bartended at the Yacht Club in Sedona, I worked in the diaper-baby room at a daycare, I bartended on the Sycamore Canyon Train, I’m (still) the Tree Whisperer for some of our area orchards. Many of these jobs I did concurrently – I worked 4 jobs at one time while I was studying for my real estate license. I’m not afraid to work.

My 2 sons and their children live in Jerome and Cottonwood and I see them a lot. I am blessed. (Ask me about my grandchildren!) I am enthralled with my grandkids, and believe that my job as a grandparent is to mitigate their parents’ earnestness. We have a lot of fun when I’m mitigating.

My oldest son is Mr. T, the art teacher at Mingus High. J also plays bass and sings for various bands. J is awesome. My youngest son is some sort of ridiculous degree black belt in karate and Jiu-Jitsu. Jess cracks me up constantly. I am so very proud of both of these wonderful men. They’re amazing fathers, J is also a wonderful husband, and they’ve blessed me with perpetually amusing grandchildren.


My dog Chica and I spent a lot of time scrambling up and down the mountains surrounding Jerome, picking up purple glass and whatever other cool things poke their heads out of the ground. I feel like I’ve found a precious jewel whenever I see a piece of old glass, and often ding myself up to get to one. I have this vague idea of making pretty hanging ornaments someday out of this strange pile of glass and metal, but first I have to figure out how make such a thing. I’ve got the materials, but not the expertise.

Chica is a pound rescue dog, I’m guessing half
boxer and half pit, 10 or 12 years old. I assume that she’s an SB-1070 dog – I had her for 2 weeks before I figured out that she didn’t speak English. Chica is the nicest creature that I have ever met, bar none, and I thank the family that raised her before I got her, whoever they were. I know that it must have broken their hearts to have to give her up.
Chica is way nicer than I am. She is slightly OCD about taking me on my walks and is afraid of the monster vacuum cleaner and the monster broom and the monster water hose, but I’ve adapted and take her to baby-sit the neighbors when it’s house cleaning time. (February 2022: Chica is no longer with us. I am heartbroken.)

I swore I’d never go through that again, and look what I did. Meet Tank.
Tank was born into a puppy mill. They saw how magnificent he is and saved him for stud. Sounds like the life, right? No. When he wasn’t “working” he lived in a crate in a dark garage. The puppy mill got busted and the dogs confiscated – Tank ended up at the pound when he was 2. It’s been an adventure, being with him when he saw the river or the back seat of the truck or cheese for the first time.
He’s a good boy and I love him.

I help out in Jerome, as does everybody who lives here who cares. I feed 3 and sometimes 4 or 5 different families. I life coach different Jerome women for free. Why? Because I live here and that’s what neighbors do.

Enough. I’m tired of me. Let’s talk about you.

All right. I’m tapped out in the “About Me” department. Give me a call and we’ll talk about you, OK?


  • ABR
  • ASR®
  • At Home with Diversity
  • CDPE
  • CNE
  • e-Pro
  • GRI
  • SFR
  • SRS
  • rCRMS


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