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Camp Verde AZ

Looking for a REALTOR® in Camp Verde? With my background with horses and ranches , I’m your gal. I love Camp Verde. I love the Verde River, I love the irrigation that comes from it, I love the people here.

Camp Verde is the place where everybody knows your name.

Camp Verde seems to have gotten caught in some sort of bizarre time warp. You expect to see Opie and Andy moseying down Main Street arm in arm, barefoot, dragging their fishing poles.

Camp Verde came into being as a soldier´s outpost during the Indian wars (I KNOW. Don’t get me started.) and has flourished ever since. It was mostly cattle ranches to start with, since the Verde River is a source of irrigation, lush greenery and recreation.

Homes for sale? We’ve got homes for sale, lots of them. Today we see everything from ranches on historic Salt Mine Road and Quarterhorse Lane to gorgeous view lots for sale in the newer subdivisions like The Cliffs and the gentleman’s ranches for sale at Cow Acres and the high-end working luxury ranches for sale in Rio Verde Acres.

Whatever your heart desires for fun and outdoor recreation, you will find it in Camp Verde.

Check out Montezuma’s Castle & Montezuma’s Well.

What’s to do in Camp Verde? Lots of people like Cliff Castle Casino a lot – they tell me that Cliff Castle was voted one of the best casinos in the great State of Arizona.

We have great local vineyards! Yes, seriously – we have GREAT vineyards.

Fort Verde Days is a hoot – The crawdad festival is always a hit,

(I’m a vegetarian so this picture of dead crawdads to eat looks a little gross. Is it just me?)

How’s about the wine and cheese festival, and the pecan festival and the antiques festival? It seems as though they are extremely festive in Camp Verde.

Oooh! Don’t forget CornFest! Cornfest is my favorite, going to Hauser’s Corn lot and playing the games and getting (or picking) fresh corn right at the grower’s site. MMMMmmmmmmmm!

(Yes, this is a still from the movie “Children of the Corn.” I was just seeing if you were paying attention.)

There is lots of river recreation, birding, and canoeing and camping and picnic’ing on the river.

Don’t forget Camp Verde’s own Out Of Africa Wildlife Park. OOA is not just some rinky-dink mangy petting zoo. Out Of Africa is big time, and you will love it.

I have a honor of being dubbed The Coolest Grandma by my grandchildren because I let the giraffes and camels eat a Milk-Bone. Big deal? Yeah – I held it in my mouth. “Grandma kissed a camel! Grandma kissed a camel!”

Leave the Big-City attitudes behind and come on home to Camp Verde!

Want to know more about the houses for sale? Hit “Search the MLS” on my home page, and holler with questions. I’m happy to help!

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